Sea Life Scarborough Review

In May half term we decided to go to Scarborough for a family break for four nights. We booked a really lovely little AirBnB, a tiny fisherman's cottage right in the heart of the harbour. We have visited Scarborough before, but never been so central, and it was fantastic to explore all the different little alleyways and lovely shops. Not to mention the absolutely amazing beaches. Thankfully the day we arrived was incredible weather, with beautiful sunshine, so we spent our first day on the beach. Then the fog came! Whilst the rest of the UK was bathed in sunshine, the fog horn sounded throughout the night in Scarborough!

We found plenty of things to do in the fog though, including crabbing, and also a trip to Sea Life Scarborough. We have visited before, and it's a wonderful place, so I was excited to go again.

Finding Nemo Sea LIfe

It was incredibly busy on the day we went. I'm pretty sure that the fog didn't help, but it meant that we had to queue for the first few rooms of exhibits. The children were both excited to be following two different trails. One was the Jurassic Seas exhibition, where the children had to find photos of  fossils within the tanks. They also had their passports to stamp at the various points around the Sea Life centre.


After queuing for the initial exhibits, the crowds thinned and we were able to take our time and enjoy walking through. My favourite things to see were the otters, there was a pair who were outside grooming each other, which was really cute to see. I found out from a friend that there are wild otters which live in the river near us, and I'm determined to try and see them one evening this summer!

Penguins Scarborough

My daughter's favourite was the penguins. She watched in awe as they swam past her head at a huge speed and glided in and out of the water. We spent a long time watching them. My son's favourite was a huge sea turtle, which  as far as I understand, had been washed up in Scarborough and brought in and nursed back to health. Sadly it won't ever be released back into the wild, but has a wonderful home there. I also learned a fun fact, that turtles can breath through their bum! That thought really tickled me.

Scarborough boats

There is such a huge variety of animals and fish at Sea Life Scarborough and you can spent a long time looking at all the exhibits. There is plenty for children to do and to keep them entertained whilst they walk round as well. We had such a wonderful break in Scarborough,you can check out my vlog below from our time there. We will definitely be back again.

This summer Sea Life Scarborough has an underwater trail around the site and every child will get a LEGO Mini figure to build and take home with the. There will also be a big build where kids help to make a giant mosaic and a brick pit where they can learn how to build their favourite sea creatures out of LEGO. Also, there is an amazing opportunity whereby every guest will have the chance to enter a competition to win a family trip to LEGOLAND Florida.

Disclosure: We were provided with family tickets for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.