Why I'm a little bit jealous of your summer holidays

It was the last day of term yesterday and the school holidays are looming large ahead of me. Truth be told, I'm really not looking forward to them. When I first took on the B&B, I hadn't anticipated how difficult it would be to juggle life, children and B&B guests. That most of my summer would be spent cleaning and making beds. I'm not sure I have really gone into much detail on my blog about taking over the B&B, and the work that it entails.

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We moved here in 2014, just after I had graduated from university, to care for my Grandma, who ran the B&B. My husband and I had decided between us that moving to this house would be an amazing opportunity for all of us. We would get to live a lifestyle that we could never afford to live otherwise. We couldn't even afford to buy a house in this village, so moving here was a dream. I know we're incredibly lucky. But living here comes at a cost, and sometimes, I find it really hard to deal with the guilt I feel at being busy throughout the summer holidays and every weekend.

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I really find the mum guilt hard to deal with. Whilst this job gives me the freedom to be available for my children during the week, to pick them up and take them to school, the weekends are busy for me and the school holidays are full. What I wish is probably what most working mothers wish for. That I could be there during the holidays, to go on holiday together, to go to the beach or the park or to days out together.  If we hadn't have moved here, I would have been working in a graduate job, so I would have struggled to get time off and spend it with my children anyway. It doesn't change the current situation though, where I'm sitting here at the beginning of the holidays feeling guilty for not seeing my children much!

So, I am a little bit jealous of your summer holidays. Don't worry, I realise that the grass isn't always greener, and I am sure if I was in another situation, then I would still be wanting what I haven't got! I filmed a video yesterday on my tips for working from home and the school holidays. Hopefully they will help if you are in a similar situation!