Lightwater Valley Review

Lightwater Valley is a theme park just outside of Ripon. It's set in 175 acres of land, but thankfully isn't a massive theme park to walk around. Everything is centrally located and there are different areas with various different types of ride. If your child is over 1.2m tall then they are able to get on the majority of the rides, and if they're over 1.4m then they can get on everything. There is plenty to do for younger children though, and we have visited Lightwater Valley since both children were very young.

Eagle's Claw Lightwater Valley

Last time we visited, my son went on the ride above (Eagle's Claw), because my very brave friend was with us and she went on with him! This time, because his sister was too small, and he was too small to go on without an adult, he simply had to watch it. I have to admit it's a ride I will never willingly go on, but my son and friend loved it last time! My favourite ride, the Skyrider, was out of action whilst we were there, but I hope it'll be back soon! A close second favourite is The Twister, which is a spinning rollercoaster. I dare you to ride it without smiling or laughter. Basically I giggle the whole way round!

Powder Kegs Lightwater Valley

We went on a Wednesday in the school holidays and expected the park to be busy. There were a few rides with 20 minute queues, and the expected wait for The Ultimate was 40 minutes. However, the vast majority of the rides we queued for less than ten minutes, which I was really impressed with and a few rides we walked straight on to. The Powder Kegs were one of the rides we didn't have to queue for, and we were even allowed to stay on when the ride finished as there was no-one else queuing. My children both really enjoyed this ride, and I realised I didn't need to go on with them, which helped me to stop feeling queasy!

Wild River Rapids Lightwater Valley

The food at Lightwater Valley is OK, nothing special, but fairly typical theme park food. You are able to bring your own food and drink into the park and there are plenty of picnic areas inside where you can sit and enjoy your meal.

There are quite a few wet rides, and you will get wet on them. If you're not ok with that, either don't go on, or make sure you bring a poncho with you! After a few years of visiting theme parks, we always pack them just in case. On the day we visited it was warm and sunny, so we didn't bother to take them out of the car as we knew we'd dry quickly!

carousel lightwater valley

Next to the Carousel there is a huge Adventure Playground, for children of all ages. It's a wonderful place to let off some steam and relax after walking round and queuing for the rides. Next to the park is the Bird of Prey Centre, which we had never visited before. I am so glad that we decided to visit this time. 

Tawny Owl lightwater valley

The Bird of Prey Centre is home to over 35 different raptors, including owls, eagles and hawks. They are incredibly beautiful and amazing to see so close up. We were lucky enough to arrive just as a show started and the owls were being brought out. The show was fantastic and I couldn't believe how close the owls got to people as they flew past. Their wing span is pretty impressive too!

Owl lightwater valley

We had a wonderful day out and both children really enjoyed it. Let's be honest, I did too. It's a small enough park that you can get on most of the rides. There's enough fast and thrilling rides for thrill-seekers, but also absolutely loads for those who are a bit younger, or not wanting the thrills! I filmed a vlog of our day (below), which you can check out if you want to see the park in more detail. For further information about Lightwater Valley, check out their website.

Disclosure: We received a family ticket for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.