O2 Family Plan Review #IsItAlright #Ad

I have been an O2 customer since 2002 and they have been a brilliant provider for me. My husband has also been a customer for ages, and when they launched their new Family Plan, we thought it would be perfect for us. We'd also been thinking about getting our son a phone, so this tied in perfectly. The Family Plan is there for people who live in the same house and are all on a pay monthly contract with O2. The benefits are up to 40% off your contract, which is pretty impressive. You can add up to 20 connections to your Family Plan. To find out more about the Family Plan, check out O2's website.

You need to update your contract, or take out a new one for the discounts to count. My phone is tied into a contract, so it became the lead number. My son's phone line was a brand new connection, so he had a 10% discount added to it. My husband was out of contract, so renewed his and got a 20% discount.

The Family Plan was easy to set up, but relatively difficult to find out whether or not it had been applied. I tried calling, and an online chat, but in the end it was simplest to pop into an O2 store to double check that the discount had been added to the two accounts. The explained that if I had waited until the end of the month, I would have been able to see the discount on the bill.

For me, one of the best things about the new Family Plan is the benefits that it comes with a whole host of benefits. One of these is that you have premium access to the Qustodio parental controls app. This is an award-winning app which has so many benefits for parents who want to be able to prevent their children seeing inappropriate content. The app works on smart phones and also tablets, so we have set it up on both children's tablets. The app has a setting which can limit how much internet time your child is allowed each day and you can choose which games and apps they can download.

As a parent, you constantly question what is right for your child, and are bombarded with what other parents are doing for their children. There is no right or wrong answer as to when to get your child a phone, but it definitely helps that there are apps which are there so that you can protect your child online. The fact that Qustodio can  block pornography, even in private browsing mode is incredibly reassuring. If your child has a smartphone, you can also see who they are texting, read their messages and block numbers too. There is also the possibility of tracking your child's location, which could definitely come in use.

Family phone plan O2

Getting a mobile phone for our son was a huge decision for us. He's going to the park more with his friends and walks to school by himself, so we thought that it would be really useful for him to be able to call us and let us know where he is and when he is coming home. He doesn't have a smartphone yet, and probably won't until secondary school, but he is able to contact us, and his handset has a few inbuilt games which he enjoys. In fact, it has given him more independence and he spends a lot of his time calling his grandparents, who all live far away. I love that he's now feeling more connected to them simply through having a handset of his own!

Another of the benefits with the Family Plan is Priority, which is exclusive to O2 customers, and a way of O2 saying thank you. It gives you fantastic offers on the high street, amazing competitions and also priority access tickets to gigs and events around the country before they go on general sale. I use Priority regularly and it saves me money on days out with the children and meals in some of our favourite restaurants.

The Family Plan is a fantastic way of rewarding loyal customers to O2.  It works well if more than one of you in your family are on O2, and it's an easy way of passing on a discount to another member of the family.

Over on Mumsnet's YouTube channel I have been asking how much technology is too much, and looking into ways to support your child with their technology use. There are also some really useful tips to help adults with learning to put the phone down too! I hope you enjoy watching it and get some helpful information from it.

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with O2 and Mumsnet.