Halloween made easy!

Halloween is fast approaching, and I wanted to let you know that it's possible to have a great party on a budget, but also as easy as possible. I have three Halloween videos for you, to hopefully make life simpler for you.

Halloween Treats

The first video is spider cupcakes. These are some of my absolute favourite Halloween treats. They're really easy to make, but look fantastic and are fun to eat too! These are great fun to make with children and are always a hit at Halloween parties, or even a Harry Potter party.

Carving pumpkins can be a huge faff, messy and not very child-friendly. Last year I decided that there had to be other options, so I decided to look into no-carve pumpkins. I came up with three really simple ideas, but ones which look really effective. They also mean that you can use the pumpkins afterwards, for soups or pies! Have a look at the video below for some more inspiration. I shall be trying different no carve pumpkins this year too.

The final video I have for you has three easy Halloween treats. They really are so simple, but really effective! The eyeball jelly is extra wobbly, which is really good fun when you are dividing it up. The witches broomsticks do require you to purchase broomsticks, I got mine here on Amazon (affiliate link). Other than that they are incredibly simple. The claw cupcakes are ridiculously easy, and ready in no time at all, but look really impressive.

I hope you have enjoyed these videos, and found some inspiration for Halloween this year. Let me know if you make or try any of these, I would love to know how they turned out for you.