Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit Review

We were recently sent a Smooshins Kit to review. It's not like anything I have seen before. What your character looks like is a complete surprise! There are over ten thousand combinations of characters you can make and collect!


The Surprise Maker Kit includes the surprise maker and squeeze tool, two reusable surprise character molds, four colour pouches, four headpieces, four faces, four bellies, and four character stands. The kit does require 3AAA batteries, and these are not included in the pack. You'll need them in order to use the kit, so make sure you have them before you start!

Smooshins Surprise Kit Maker

The first thing you need to do is get all the items together and ensure you have everything you will need to make the Smooshins. Make sure the batteries are in as well as you will need them before you begin.

The get the colour pouch and firmly bash it with your fist in order to pop the inner colour in the pouch. Then you need to mix it. You only have one minute and thirty seconds to mix it so I would recommend setting a timer so you don't go over. This part was quite difficult and the children couldn't manage it by themselves.

Smooshins mold

You need to leave the pouch in the surprise maker for at least four hours, but it would be best if you can leave it overnight to fully harden. The first character we made came out gooey, this is because we didn't manage to properly mix the pouch in time. The second one we made (above) was the best one of the lot and I was really impressed with it.

When you remove the characters from the mold, it's time to get to the fun parts and let the children open the surprise accessories to add to the characters. Some of the pieces didn't quite fit correctly, but when pushed we managed to get them in.

Out of four Smooshin packets, we had one which worked incredibly well. I thought it was very difficult to mix the colours and my children (9 and 7) couldn't do it by themselves. I also struggled to get all the mixture into the mold in 30 seconds, so there is definitely adult supervision required. The retail price for the Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit is £49.99. I think if you could get it for 

Overall, the children absolutely loved making the characters. I was impressed with their patience in waiting for them to set overnight. I did think that for the price, the risk of the characters not working is quite high. If you found it on special offer, then it's a fun kit to do together as a family. You will definitely need to help children with the kit though as it's tough for them to do and I wouldn't recommend they try alone.

Disclosure: We received the Smooshins Surprise Kit Maker for the purpose of review. All opinion is my own.