Top 7 things to do in Tenerife with children

I went to Tenerife last month, and we had an amazing opportunity to explore the beautiful island. It was definitely a place of surprises for me. I had anticipated that it would be full of hen and stag trips, and not necessarily that child friendly. However I was totally wrong, and I want to share with you my top seven things to do in  Tenerife with children.

This is one of the most incredible things that I have ever experienced and children would absolutely love this. They do need to be able to sit still during the dive, but there is so much going on outside the portholes that they cannot fail to be entertained. You see all the fish out of the sides of the boat and they also have divers who dive down and feed the fish and also rays. It was such an amazing experience and I can't wait to do it again! Check out the Submarine Safari website for more information.

submarine ride Tenerife

There are so many stunning beaches on Tenerife. The huge variety in different types of beach is amazing too. We took a day out to El Medano, which is a huge beach with a sunbathing end and a kite surfing/activity end to the beach. You can build sandcastles in the golden sand, jump in the waves or even try and learn how to surf.

El Medano beach

I mean who doesn't want to visit an active volcano, right? Teide, the volcano in Tenerife is easily accessed from the south of the island.  It's the third highest volcanic structure in the world! We went on a night-time stargazing tour, which probably isn't suitable for children, but there are daytime tours which children would love. You can even get to the summit in a cable car up the volcano, which I definitely want to try next time.

Teide volcano tenerife

Siam Park is the number one waterpark in the world, according to TripAdvisor and it certainly didn't disappoint when we visited. Check out the video below to see the rides available. There are plenty of areas for younger children too. My daughter is seven now and is tall enough for all of the rides other than Tower of Power. I had SO much fun there and really pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

Get outside and go for a walk. Find how many different animals or birds you can spot. It won't be long before you find some lizards, or some volcanic rock down by the beach. There are so many different places to explore and children see everything so differently, so it's fun just to spend some time walking round and taking everything in.

lizard tenerife

The local Spanish food is absolutely delicious and well worth trying. We ate out in some wonderful places, and all of them had a children's menu to help you out with fussier eaters. On our first full night we ate at Dabda and the food was amazing. The staff were fantastic too and it was a really enjoyable evening. We had tapas for starters and then I had a melt in the mouth childken for the main course. For pudding I had the most random thing I have ever had, a small glass of rum, a side of oranges and some chocolate drops! A picture of our starters at Dabda is shown below. On our last night we at at Las Cazuelitas De Feriche where we ate the most incredible tapas. I have never eaten so much food in my life before, and it all tasted absolutely amazing. For a treat, you can get delicious pancakes in the harbour in Amarilla Golf.

Dabda Tenerife Food
Pancakes Tenerife

Now this wasn't something that we did whilst we were there, but when I researched the area, it is definitely something I would love to do. You can also take trips to spot dolphins too, and I would always rather see dolphins in the wild rather than in a dolphinarium or other captive-animal display attractions.

Where to stay? We stayed in Amarilla Golf, an area around fifteen minutes from the airport. There is a full review of the villa and the area on my blog and you can read it here.

El Barranco Tenerife

Disclosure: We were provided with entrance to the submarine adventure, Siam Park and had many of our meals included thanks to the staff at El Barranco resort. There was no implication that I would have to write a blog post on this. All opinion is my own.