Brompton Lakes Luxury Lodges Review

Sometimes what you need the most is a break from everything, even a really short break can be the most fantastic way to reset and feel ready to face the world again. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to be invited to Brompton Lakes, near Richmond in North Yorkshire to spend the weekend with a fabulous group of bloggers.

Brompton Lakes Luxury Lodges

Brompton Lakes is part of the Holiday at Home collection and is made up of twenty-one luxury self-catering lodges. There is a tennis court if you are feeling energetic, or if you would prefer to relax then two of the lodges have their own hot tub, and there is also another hot tub which you can book if you are not staying in either of those lodges. It really is a luxurious resort and the interiors of each lodge differ, so they are unique in their own right. A welcome hamper awaits your arrival, with a selection of groceries. This is a really nice touch, and ensures you have the basics you need for your stay.

Brompton Lakes Luxury Lodges
Brompton Lakes Luxury Lodges

We had two lodges for our break, I was staying in Jasper, with Lisa and Sarah. Whilst Sally, Jen and Kirsty were in Cara. In all honesty, all we did in Jasper was to sleep, we spent all of our time in Cara and it was great that the lodge could accommodate all of us for the evening.  I thought that the Christmas tree was a gorgeous addition to the living space and made it feel incredibly festive.

Log store Brompton Lakes
Log burner

Each of the lodges has their own log supply, which is absolutely huge, so you will never be short of logs for a fire. There is also kindling and everything you need to ensure the room is warm and toasty during your stay. As we stayed in December, it definitely added to the ambience of the place to have a log burner in the corner. I was also seriously impressed with the design of the log burner, I have never see anything like it before!

Jasper Brompton Lakes

The interiors of each of the lodges are absolutely beautiful. In Jasper, two of the rooms were very large, one of which was an en-suite, and there was one smaller room which was mine as I arrived last! There was a large open-plan living, dining and kitchen area which had plenty of space to seat six people comfortably.

Chilli Brompton Lakes

Sarah cooked the most incredible chilli and the Prosecco was flowing in the evening. I won Cards Against Humanity, which I am never sure is a very good thing! We also played Sock puppet charades, which was absolutely hilarious and Lisa’s butterfly noise is still making me giggle.

star photography

During our stay there the skies were clear and we spent about half a hour simply looking up at the stars. It was amazing to see them so clearly. It's wonderful to be somewhere that you can see the stars shine so brightly. I would love to return to do a bit more night photography, with a tripod this time to make it a little simpler!

Jasper Lodge Brompton Lakes
Swans and cygnets

Waking up the next morning it was blissful to sit outside with a cup of tea and take in the sunrise and the tranquillity of the location. It is such a beautiful place and so very peaceful. I could spend all day simply sitting looking at the lake and all the activity of nature.

bloggers at Brompton Lakes

I was only there for one night, but it was wonderful to relax and chill out with friends. Honesty I haven’t had a night in a very long time where I felt I could totally feel like myself and able to really just be me. So often we have to keep a bit back, or watch what you say, and it was liberating just to be around people who accept you for who you are. I left feeling positive and more confident and ready to face the world again.

Thank you so much to Holiday at Home for the accommodation, and to Sally for inviting me. You can read more about the trip from the others who stayed.
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Disclosure: I was provided with accommodation for the purpose of this post. All opinion is my own.