Unisex Gift Guide for children

I love this time of year, choosing gifts for my children. I like to buy unisex gifts where possible, and there are fantastic items around at the moment. This gift guide is compiled with some items that we have been sent, and some which I have bought myself.

Unisex children's gift guide

 First up is a transforming robot, which can be 15 different robots! It is from Find Me a Gift. This is a fantastic gift for any child interested in science. It has two levels of difficulty and is suitable for ages 10+. My son is 9 and I think he will absolutely love it. The robots can walk, swim, float and roll.  The robot is solar powered, and educating children about renewable energy is essential in the current climate.  The robot retails at £19.99, but is currently on offer for £14.99.

Solar robot

Along a scientific theme is the next gift, Circuit Clay. This is aimed at ages 6+ and is an easy introduction to electricity. The creations you make glow due to the special conductive and insulating clay. There are more than fifteen projects to choose from, and are a really fun way to use electricity. This retails on Amazon for £19.33.

Circuit clay

The Curiosity Box is a fantastic subscription or one-off box filled with fun scientific activities. We were sent the bake-off box, which includes fabulous experiments to try at home, with detailed descriptions of the science that happens when you bake. We have already made the edible soil, and my son thought it was brilliant fun. He's not usually interested in baking with me, but wanted to try this because it was so different to the kind of baking we usually do at home. Check out the website for the incredible offers they have on at the moment.

Curiosity Box Science

The Discovery Young Explorer Kit is perfect for any budding explorers, or children interested in nature. The kit comes with binoculars with a built in compass, a separate large compass, a field trip microscope with an integrated light and carry strap and also a notepad and pencil. This is aimed at children aged 8+. My daughter is obsessed with the microscope and has really enjoyed being able to examine things she finds in the garden (often dead bugs). This retails at £19.99 and is a STEM product.

Discovery Young Explorer's Kit

The fairy garden might not be the most unisex gift, but it is really good fun to make. My daughter has been asking for one of these for a couple of years now, so when this arrived from Find Me a Gift she was so excited. The My Fairy Garden contains everything you need to create a wonderfully magical indoor fairy garden! I love that it actually grows into a garden, with the grass seed. It's imaginative too, and simple to create. This retails at £14.99.

Fairy Garden

Next up is a hit with both my children. We were sent these from Zimpli Kids. A selection of Gelli Baff, Slime Baff and SnoBall Play. We tried out both the Gelli Baff and Slime Baff in the children's bath, and I thought it looked absolutely horrible. The kids loved it though and have begged me to buy more of it. I think the Gelli Baff was their favourite. It turns the bath into jelly or slime, which makes for a very entertaining bath! This retails at £3.99. We've yet to try the SnoBall Play, but I imagine that will be a big hit too!

Zimpli Kids

The Organix Goodies selection box is a wonderful treat for children, young and old. My children are nine and seven, but still love these treats! This would make a fantastic stocking filler, or an extra yummy present for children. Included in the box are Organic Mini Gingerbread Men biscuits, Organic Alphabet biscuits, Organic Apple & Raspberry Soft Oaty Bar, Organic Apple & Orange Soft Oaty Bar, Organic strawberry fruit shapes. This retails at £2.99.

Organix Goodies Selection Box

The Playmobil Summer Fun Camper is another gift that both children would enjoy. My daughter is definitely more into Playmobil, but my son enjoys this set too. It's great fun, and nice to remind us of summer and dreaming of holidays! This is simple to put together, but comes with a huge amount of accessories to add to the fun.

Snap Circuits Junior is an incredible gift. It retails at £29.98 on Amazon. This is a hands-on introduction to electronics, which my daughter received a couple of years ago. It is recommended for children aged 8+, and as such we have only just started exploring it. Both my son and daughter love the projects in the book and have really enjoyed creating the different circuits. The instructions are easy-to-follow and are so simple to create. They get more difficult as the project book continues, but both children have learned about circuit boards and the need for everything to connect correctly. 

Snap Circuits Junior

Another gift we love, and a great stocking filler are Cry Babies, which cry real tears! Thankfully they don't make any noise when they cry. Each of the mystery bottle houses include a little cry baby magic tears and also 6 fun accessories: a bottle, a bow, a dummy, a chair, and 2 accessories unique to each doll! These are a huge hit in our house. A multi-pack retails at £22.99.

Cry Babies

Finally, a quick gift for the parents. I absolutely love this rose gold cocktail shaker and I think it is so clever. The cocktail shaker has a recipe selector built into the body and makes sure you get the ingredients right every time. Simply twist the rose cold coloured body to select your cocktail, and the handy holes will reveal all of the ingredients you need. This is a fabulous gift for cocktail lovers, or a treat for yourself! This retails at £14.99.

Cocktail shaker rose gold

From Trends UK, we were sent the Guardian Bot, part of the Xtrem Bot family. This is for children aged 5+ and is so much fun. The Guardian Bot has an ultrasonic detector which means it will alert you to the presence of intruders in your room. It can be programmed in the programming mode for up to 50 actions. 

Guardian Bot

My daughter is particularly interested in crystals, so this Crystal wonder set is a perfect gift. It is for ages 8+. You can Cultivate your own crystal wonder and then display it to show everyone your crystals. This is a STEM product. I can't wait for my daughter to receive this one as it's definitely something she will really enjoy making.

Crystal Wonder

Disclosure: We received some of these items for the purpose of this post, others I bought myself. All Amazon links are affiliate. All opinion is my own.