Cheeky Rascals and Parrots!

It's not been the best week, and I really want to make sure that I focus on the good things from the week again. I posted 'What has Made me Happy' every week for about three years, and I really love looking back on those posts.

Instead of focusing on the negative, here are the positive, happy things from the past week. At the beginning of the week, both children were chosen at school to represent years five and six in athletics. The school had made the regional finals for the very first time, and were hoping to do well. My daughter was a last minute call-up. She's only in year three, and I was incredibly proud of her for being picked. On the night, they both did amazingly, and the school ended up in second place. For a tiny village school, this is an absolutely huge result. Amazingly, my daughter absolutely loved it! I was so nervous that she would be overwhelmed, or not try her best, but she gave it her all and wasn't at all upset that they didn't come first!

running down the drive

 We went for a rather damp walk down by the river after the huge amount of rainfall on Saturday night. The river had burst it's banks, and had created waterfalls where usually it is just land. It was incredible to see, and nature really is so powerful!

burst riverbank

My daughter is obsessed with parrots and snakes, and on Saturday she not only got to touch both of them, she was allowed to hold a parrot on her arm. I think she ended up going back to the parrot owner around five different times to see them. She has begged for a parrot for her birthday. I think we're settling on a hamster! One step at a time.

parrot on shoulder

On Sunday, we took a trip to Harrogate to go and see the Lego Movie 2. The film was OK. The children both really enjoyed it though, so it was definitely worth going. Afterwards, we popped into Betty's to buy some of their 100th birthday celebratory Cheeky Little Rascals. They were absolutely delicious, and fun to share between us, although I didn't even get a bite of the chocolate ones!

Cheeky Little Rascals

This week I'm off to VidCon, and really looking forward to a break. I need to remember that it will also be exhausting! I hope I'll post again next week with what has made me happy!