Dear Beautiful Boy - Now You are 10

I don't feel old enough to be writing a letter to my ten year old son. As you sarcastically said to me the other day "they grow up so fast"! It's true though. 

I am so very proud to be your mummy. I love you very, very much. Your smile and cuddles are wonderful and I am pleased you're not too old to still hold my hand.

Rainbow dab

You're as sporty as ever, although in the past year you did give up rugby, which was a bit disappointing, but actually it was amazing to see what a relief it was to you not to be doing it any more! We loved the social side of it, but didn't particularly enjoy the freezing cold touchlines and watching you get tackled by boys far bigger than you!

Splits in the playground

This year you played football for a different school in the federation, because they didn't have enough players! Your team won, and got into the finals, but a week later you chipped a bone on your ankle playing football in the garden, and ended up on crutches for two weeks. In spite of this, you were only off your feet for a minimal amount of time because you were absolutely desperate to get back to sport. When you grow up, you still want to e a footballer!

Playing football

You were also picked to represent your school in an indoor athletics tournament, which your school got through to the finals in, and eventually came second. You were a bit devastated that you didn't win, but the school have never reached the finals before, so that alone was amazing! I think you tend to be incredibly hard on yourself when it comes to sport and achievements. You are amazing and constantly on the go. Having said that, I was incredibly impressed with you for deciding to run a fell race this summer. You've never managed one before, and this was up a huge hill. Your attitude was amazing, you decided you didn't care if you didn't win, you just wanted to finish it! You were the youngest child, and yes, you didn't win, but you didn't come last either. It was the perfect attitude and I respected it so much!

Lake District view of Grasmere

The only thing you still really struggle with is being competitive with your sister. No matter how many times I tell you something "isn't a race", you always need to be the first to finish anything, or the first to cross a certain line! It's a bit exhausting to be honest, especially as your sister doesn't particularly care about winning!

picking up ice

You love school, and learning. It's something which is an absolute pleasure to see as a parent. You're a social boy, who misses his friends when we are away or you're on school holidays. Your favourite subject is maths, which you definitely don't get from me! At the moment you're going to tutoring ahead of the 11+ exam in September. It's relatively easy to get you to do your homework, which makes everything far simpler!

Lake District Hike

You're a kind hearted boy who can be sensitive to what others think of you. At the moment you also absolutely hate seeing anyone kiss on TV or talk about girlfriends or boyfriends. It makes me giggle so much, because I also absolutely hated the same thing at your age. My mum even got me to write a note to say I would never kiss anyone ever!

Darling boy, I love you so much, and I am enjoying watching you grow up.

Love from Mummy