Do you wash your pillows? #ad

Have you ever considered how often you should change your pillows? I have to admit it hadn't crossed my mind before. I obviously wash the pillows when they're dirty, and I replace them when they're beyond any further use, but I hadn't considered changing them more regularly than that! I'll be honest, we have some pillows in this house that are probably over 50 years old, ones we inherited from my grandma when we moved in. They're not ones we use often though. On the B&B side of the house, I change the pillows regularly, ensuring the guests have the best quality. So why is it that I don't do the same for my husband and I?

nanu pillow

I was interested to find out about a company called nanu who are starting a three year switch campaign, encouraging people to change their pillows every three years. They're running a pillow amnesty over on their Facebook page, where you can post a picture of your old pillow and 50 people will be selected at random to win a brand new personalised pillow.

nanu pillow in box

nanu have conducted research which shows that over 40% of Brits have never washed their pillows. Ewwww! I am amazed that people can sleep on something that has never been washed. nanu's own pillow is fully personalised, you put in your height, weight, how you sleep (back, side or front) and also your preferred pillow firmness level.

I have struggled over the past few years to get completely comfortable in bed, and often wake up with a sore neck. My mattress is really good, so I definitely just need to sort out the pillows! After only a couple of nights with my new pillow I can definitely say I have slept well both times. It is so comfortable. I used to have two, very particular pillows, and it's really nice just to have one. I hope to see an improvement in my back pain now that I am using the correct pillow.

nanu pillow sleeping

If you want to try out your own nanu pillow, check out their Facebook page so that you can enter their contest to win a brand new personalised pillow! Everyone who enters will receive a £5 off discount code. A nanu pillow costs £35 and includes free delivery, free returns, a two-year guarantee and a 30-night free trial. nanu are allergen free, meaning they're suitable for everyone in the family. They're also an environmentally friendly option as they are filled with recycled material which comes from plastic bottles. In fact, each pillow stops 20 plastic bottles going into landfill, so it's a more sustainable option.

We all know the benefits of a good night's sleep, so why don't we invest more in making sure that we sleep well? Stress reduction, memory improvement and improved mood are definitely worth achieving. nanu are there to help us all get a better night's sleep. For more information on nanu, check out their website.

Also, I'm showing my age, but I am totally reminded of Mork and Mindy by nanu!

Disclosure: This post is a paid collaboration with nanu.