June Month in a Minute 2019

Well June was a far better month. I feel like I got over whatever was going on in May and have moved on. I still don't feel like I am quite on top of things, but definitely getting there. June was a happier month. June also saw the B&B ramp it up a gear, July and August are our busiest months, and if I'm honest, I am looking forward to them being over! I haven't yet sat down and worked out the school summer holidays and the children. I definitely need to get it done really soon!

As I said back in January, I am no longer going to run this as a linky on my blog. I am still going to be creating videos, and I shall be sharing them over on Instagram with the hashtag #miam and #monthinaminute I'll also still be posting on my blog, just without the linky. There have only been a few of us linking up over the past six months or so. If you tag me, I shall still add your videos to my playlist on YouTube. I love seeing these round-ups, and that will never change!