A Missing Hamster and a Party!

It's been another good week. We've had B&B guests during the week, which has been a bit tough on the children as they haven't had my full attention. We've been able to spend time together as a family which was really nice. I'm looking forward to the B&B being a little quieter throughout the winter so that we can all spend the weekends together again. Here is what has made me happy this week.

ginger escaped hamster

Ginger the hamster escaped four times in a row, each time showing up somewhere really easy to find. That is, until the last time she went missing. We spent a whole day looking for her, with an inkling she could be in a boxed in pipe box. We then had to call in back up in the form of my uncle, who unscrewed a decent amount of the skirting away and put an apple in the opening. I went out for a meeting and when I came back from a meeting, the apple had been well nibbled. She thankfully made a rather dramatic entrance down the pipes and appeared just as I was filming an update for my Instagram Stories. We are all so relieved that she's home and healthy!

Sheep in Yorkshire Dales

The weather has been absolutely glorious. I've been out walking almost every single day and enjoyed just spending time outside without having to wear a coat. These sheep made me smile, they seem to have a set time that they move from one field to another and I happened to walk through just as that was taking place. They were a little annoyed with me for spoiling their routine.

Reading An American Marriage

I have been making more time for reading, which makes me incredibly happy. I love escaping to another world in my book. I have just finished An American Marriage which was a brilliant book. September has seen me read five books already, which makes me really happy!

Yorkshire Dales autumn day

On Saturday night we ll went out to a friend's birthday party. It's very rare that we all get invited out to anything all together. We left my uncle in charge of the B&B and all went out for the night. It was brilliant fun, with dancing, some drinking and catching up with friends. It was a really relaxed atmosphere and so nice for us all to be out together. There were a few sore heads the next day, which wasn't so great though! What little things have made you happy this week?