August Month in a Minute 2019

August was such a busy month. The B&B was full most days and the children were off school. Thank goodness for holidays clubs where my children can play sports all day! I also had a week with the children down in Wales at my mum's house. It was a very quiet week up here, but it meant that I could get on with work without having to wonder what I was cooking the children for tea.

I really missed them though, and we've really enjoyed the rest of the holidays. I have loved spending time with the children, at 10 and 8 they're a fantastic age and generally fun to be around. I love that they have their own opinions and are happy to share them! Both children took part in a local fell race and I was so proud of them as they were so brave just for joining in. I never tried running a fell race when I was a child! I'm looking forward to September and getting back into a routine.

As I said back in January, I am no longer going to run this as a linky on my blog. I am still going to be creating videos, and I shall be sharing them over on  with the hashtag #miam and #monthinaminute I'll also still be posting on my blog, just without the linky. There have only been a few of us linking up over the past six months or so. If you tag me, I shall still add your videos to my playlist on YouTube. I love seeing these round-ups, and that will never change!