Cross Country and the 11+ - what has made me happy this week

It has definitely been too long since I wrote one of these posts. I would really like to get back to writing them every week. Here's hoping! I'll try and do a weekly Wednesday to Wednesday wrap up. I headed to the Yorksinstameet at Newburgh Priory and it was really fantastic to hear Sara Tasker talk about Instagram. I'm putting some of her tips into practice at the moment and really hope it helps. I'm really trying to invest more time into Instagram as it's my favourite platform.

Me and Orla Yorksinstameet

The week started off well, with our little hedgehog that we rescued being released into the wilds of our garden. The picture below is when we found it, looking really rather worse for wear. After a night in front of the Aga, with a hot water bottle and some crushed cat food, it was ready and raring to go outside. We've seen it in the garden a few times since and it makes me feel so happy to see it doing well. 

poorly hedgehog

The Yorksinstameet also gave me the opportunity for an impromptu photoshoot with Jen from Mum in the Madhouse. It's amazing how much more relaxed I am able to be when it's a friend taking the pictures. I am definitely not the most photogenic of people usually as I look so awkward. I'm really pleased with the results!

newburgh priory photos

We also had a huge week as a family. My son sat the 11+ on Saturday. He has worked so, so hard every single day of the summer holidays. I am so proud of the effort he put in. We don't yet know if he's made the grade, but what will be will be now. We have another month to wait, but I am so proud of him, whatever the result!

north yorkshire cross country

To top off a good week, the children had a cross country tournament against all the other schools in our area. My daughter came second out of the year four girls and I am so proud of her. She now goes on to compete against schools from a larger district and if she qualifies there, she'll then compete for North Yorkshire. My son might also have qualified, we're not 100% sure yet! He did really well as he had to run well over a mile in his race and it looked really tough. He's in year six now and I think it's the first year that you can really tell how differently children age. Some of the boys are really tall and broad, which definitely helps with the running!

Here's hoping I manage to keep this up as I really enjoy looking back on them! What has made you happy this week?