Finding the perfect boot in Hotter #adgift #myhotterfit

I was invited to the Hotter store in Harrogate to find a pair of perfectly fitting shoes. It was right at the beginning of their Hotter Fit Fortnight, two weeks which are dedicated to finding your perfect fitting shoes. In all the stores across the UK you can have your feet measured to keep up-to-date with your shoe size and width as your feet can change size throughout your life. The store advisors can also then recommend styles that will suit the shape and size of your feet whilst keeping in mind any other requirements you have for shoes.

hotter harrogate

When I got to the store the staff were incredibly helpful and really patient. I am not known for my ability to make very quick decisions about things like shoes! They took into account all the shoes I liked and recommended some I hadn't even thought of trying on. I love that there are sofas to sit on in the store and it feels really comfortable.

hotter shoes harrogate
mary jane hotter shoes

I was really torn between two pairs of boots, the Tenby boots and the grey Dallas boots. Both are very versatile and could be worn for all kinds of different occasions. They also both fitted really comfortably and looked good on. It was a tough decision, I wandered around the store for quite a while with one of each boots on my feet. Finally I made my decision and went with the Tenby. What swung the choice for me was the colour of the tan boots. I absolutely love that it has so many different shades within one colour. They're gorgeous boots and I am looking forward to wearing them all winter!

chelsea boots hotter

The Tenby boot comes in three different colours and is a classic style. They are beautifully crafted from Burnished Full Grain Leather and feature an easily adjustable inside zip. I was instantly drawn to the slight glittery touch on the elasticated side panel. They can be dressed up or down, which really appeals to me. A Chelsea boot is a wardrobe stable which never goes out of fashion.  It's also a style of boot I have lusted after for years, but never purchased any!

trying on hotter boots

Most importantly, as with all Hotter shoes I have ever owned, they are incredibly comfortable. I tend to wear my boots when I go out dancing because they don't give me blisters and I know I can dance all night long! Admittedly, my hip is not helping me dance much at the moment, but I know I will again soon (ish)!

hotter boots tenby

The Hotter Fit Fortnight is on until the 29th of September so make sure you head down to your nearest store for a fitting experience. For more information about Hotter, or to see more of their range, check out their website. Thank you very much to Sarah in the Harrogate store for being really patient with me and making some wonderful recommendations.

Disclosure: I was gifted a pair of shoes for the purpose of this post. No additional payment was received.