Hip Operation Recovery Week One

I had a hip arthroscopy this week. I have been on the waiting list since July, but this was a last-minute thing with only a few days notice. We managed to sort out the my husband being around for the two days after the op and my friend is going to drop me off at the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital at lunchtime I was relieved to find out that I was first on the list. A hip arthroscopy is a short operation, generally under two hours. It is performed through keyhole. In my case, just two small incisions in my thigh, both under a centimetre long. I only had around an hour before I went down for surgery, so I spent the time reading a book and messing about on Instagram.

I had an epidural and a lower dose of general anaesthetic. The anaesthetist wasn't impressed that I kept wriggling and giggling when he tried to find the right spot for the epidural, but he was really tickling me and I couldn't stop! I was soon back up on the ward with the itchiest skin I have ever experienced, sadly this is a side-effect of an epidural. I also felt quite queasy, so was put on some anti-sickness medication. I also really struggled to do for a wee for hours afterwards even though I had drunk over a litre of water. It was gone midnight before I managed it! The nurse said she was worried she would have to put a catheter in. I managed around six hours sleep that night. I had my own room, and the nurse agreed to take the inflating stockings off me so that I could sleep. The next day my husband picked me up at lunchtime and took me home!

hip arthroscopy

Week One
The first day at home my daughter brought me breakfast in bed, which was lovely. Both children have been great with me. I have to admit though that this is tougher than I thought. It's difficult on crutches around the house. I can't get upstairs to my bed and just getting to the toilet is a right faff! I have to inject my stomach every day with fragmin, which is to stop me getting a blood clot. It's really painful, not the needle, but the stuff I inject and it stings like anything! I'm not sleeping brilliantly because I'm not able to lie on my side. I really am on good at sleeping on my back, and I have ridiculously restless legs which is infuriating.

On the plus side, I treated myself to some Spacemasks, so when I wake at three in the morning, I pop one on and gently fall back to sleep again. It's a very strange feeling having your eyes warm up like that, but really relaxing. One thing I am doing plenty of is reading. I think in this first week I have read three books. I'm not particularly interested in watching TV. The first weekend we have B&B guests in, which is tough for me to hear people around the house but not be able to help them.

My mum came up on the Sunday, which is wonderful. It means that I have reverted to being a child again and am totally enjoying being looked after. She brings me cups of tea, makes me homemade soup and is a pleasure to be around. It's not often that we get to talk to each other alone without distractions, and this is so nice.  I have physio tomorrow and I'm not particularly looking forward to it. I'll keep you updated with how I get on!