Hip Operation Recovery Week Three

Not being able to do something makes me want it so much more. This week I've been dreaming of having a bath. It'll be quite a while before I am able to though. I can't even imagine how I could get in or out of the bath though, so it'll be a while before it can happen! I am finding some movements easier now. The more I do my physio the better my movements are. I am able to walk upstairs now, but I am only doing it once a day. I can still only dream of getting up to the attic to my own bed though! At the moment my husband and I are sharing a room, but not yet a bed. We're in one of the guest rooms with an ensuite which is quite a treat. I am sleeping so well at the moment too which is blissful. I can put my socks on now without too much pain, which is huge progress.

It was my birthday this week. I'll be honest and say it wasn't my most favourite of birthdays, but it definitely hasn't been the worst (that is reserved for my 30th birthday)! I knew it would be difficult on crutches, but it was made harder by not being able to get out and enjoy the glorious weather. My family have looked after me today though. My daughter chose the best card ever and she also got up and made me birthday bunting, which was such a thoughtful thing to do!

birthday on crutches

My husband has time off this week as it's half term and I can't manage without him for the week. I have progressed though. The children are walking to school by themselves in the morning and I am walking to pick them up after school. I have got the walk to school down to just over ten minutes now, so I am speeding up! 

On Sunday I left the house and went on a short trip out with the family. Literally a trip into town because my son needed a haircut and I needed to pick up a parcel. I can't manage long without having to sit or lie down, but it felt amazing to be out and about and not stuck at home. I am incredibly slow on my crutches for a long period of time, but the children looked after me, opened doors for me and helped to find accessible routes into shops.

It's strange how differently you are treated by people when you are on crutches. It definitely felt like I was a nuisance to most people. I will write a full post on that, it's definitely riled me up. I have another trip out planned for the end of next the week and have hired a mobility scooter to get me round! I am determined to make the most of this half term where possible seeing as I am the reason we're not all on holiday in Tenerife! I have physio again next week too. I am looking forward to seeing what that brings me!