Race With Ryan on Xbox #Ad Gift

Ryan's World has come to life in a new game which launched on Xbox, Nintendo, PC and PS4 at the end of last week. As one of the top kid content creators on YouTube, Ryan’s channel have received over 41 billion views to date, and amassed over 31 million subscribers.

Race with Ryan on Xbox

You can race for victory across the colourful world of YouTube sensation Ryan. There is a career mode where you can challenge yourself, or a split screen in order to play with your friends. The controls are simple, with auto acceleration, auto steering and a tutorial to show you the ropes. It means the whole family can join in. You can unlock more than twenty different Ryan’s World toy characters and vehicles including Moe, Gus, Alpha Lexa, Peck and Ryan himself! There are six magical locations to speed around, including The Toy Shop, Ryan’s Playroom, Fantasy Park, Wild
West and Spooky Land.

Race with Ryan track selection
race with ryan gameplay

We hadn't heard of Ryan's World, but both children (8 and 10) enjoyed the gameplay. It's very similar to games they have played before, but it kept them both entertained. They enjoyed all the different courses and found it enjoyable to play. I love that they can play two-player games and compete either against each other or on the same team. We don't have any other games like this on the Xbox, and it's fun for us all to play!

race with ryan split screen

‘Race With Ryan’ is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. Exclusively at Smyth’s Toy Store in the UK for £29.99. You can digitally download the game from the following locations:

Xbox Live
Nintendo eShop
Exclusively available at Smyths Toys in the UK
race with ryan
Disclosure: We were sent this game for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for this content.