Swimming and friends - what has made me happy

This week has been a happy one. The weather was absolutely glorious, which meant that I have been out walking every day of the week so far. It's been amazing to be really testing my hip again. I have also started swimming when my daughter does her karate. It's amazing to feel like I am getting back to full health again, although I know it will be a little while yet. 

reading in bed

I had my friends Lisa (http://www.hollybobbs.co.uk/) and Becky (https://diaryofafatbottomedgirl.com/) over on Saturday night and we ended up staying up way too late. I think we all saw 3am! It was wonderful to catch up with them both though as we don't see each other often enough. I have also had some time to read, which always makes me happy. I have been making more time to sit and read, even if it's just twenty minutes in the middle of the day. 

U11s football

I got to watch my son in a football match. He scored four goals and made two assists, which was amazing to watch. When the B&B is busy it's rare that I am able to get to see him play. He's so passionate about his football and it really shows in the way he plays.

What has made you happy this week?