Dear Beautiful Boy - Now you are eleven

Dear Beautiful Boy, 

I know that each year goes past too quickly and I struggle to understand how I suddenly have a child who is a year older, but 11 feels different. 11 signifies the end of your primary school years, finishes this July and starting secondary school in September. I really don't feel ready for that, even though I know that you absolutely are. 


10 has been a year with some pretty tough parts for you. Not quite making the grade in the 11+ was devastating for you, especially when you had worked so hard every single day of the summer holidays for it. Learning that sometimes you don't get what you want, even if you put the effort in is one of the toughest lessons you can learn in life. You haven't let you hold it back though and I know that you will be happy in the local school as it's brilliant.

ice skating

As ever, you have excelled in anything even vaguely sporty. You love football first and foremost, but have enjoyed running for your school in cross country and also playing netball for your school too. I loved watching you ice skate back in December, it was the first time you have managed to really pick up speed. When I had my operation in October you really cared for me, and I am impressed that you've learned how to make a cup of tea now too!

cross country for school

We've had a wonderful few holidays away this year, including a fantastic weekend in Saltburn where we walked the coastal path for around 5 miles. We also went the the Lake District to climb a few hills, which you grudgingly joined in with. 

walking in saltburn

You're really looking forward to the rest of year six, including the residential in May for four nights. You have a great group of friends at school, and you'll be going to secondary with all of them, which is fantastic. It's wonderful watching you grow up and I am so glad I get to be on this journey with you.

cycling to school

 You are kind, sensitive and thoughtful and I am so proud of the young man you are becoming.

Love you
Mum x