Dear Beautiful Girl, now you are nine

Dear Beautiful Girl,

You have just celebrated your 9th birthday! Only one more year of single figures. You have grown up so much this year and it has been incredible to see you flourish.  I am so proud of your behaviour at school and how you have really changed your attitude to knuckle down and attempt your work. 

karate tournament

In sport you have gone from strength, gaining your purple and then brown belt in karate. You had your first ever karate tournament this year. It was a tournament that came with a huge amount of mixed emotions for me. Watching and encouraging a child to fight will never be a natural instinct for me. You are amazing and went into the competition with complete confidence, never once doubting your abilities. We are so proud of you.

north yorkshire cross country

You were also picked to run for Craven in the North Yorkshire Cross Country championships. You came 1st against all the local schools and sixth in your year group to then represent Craven. I couldn't come and watch you at the finals as it was just a couple of weeks after my operation and I couldn't sit down for that long. You had a great day though, Daddy took you and afterwards you headed to Scarborough for fish and chips on the beach and a quick play in the arcades. You were beaming when you came home.

Tenerife seaside

This year has seen you and your brother get on a lot better which is wonderful to see. You definitely still have your moments though, and I would expect nothing less of siblings. When we were in Tenerife recently you spent a lot of time playing together and looking after each other. You've also been playing a lot of Minecraft together. In fact, you don't like to play on the xbox alone, you'd rather play together. Obviously you still bicker and fight and very rarely thank us for treats, which is a little difficult to deal with.

Harlow Carr in Autumn

You dealt really well with me having to have an operation on my hip and being unable to walk. You cared for me and even offered to do the injections into my stomach for me! You are growing so much. You are an incredible artist who is passionate about the environment and the planet. You have strong opinions and are quite willing to disagree when people's views differ. I am very proud of how you are growing up.

Mummy x