Saturday night in - a new normal #adgift

One of the biggest benefits of lockdown for us has been getting to spend Saturday nights together. Usually I would be running round after B&B guests and spending my time looking after the, so it's not often we get to spend that time together. It's been amazing to spend time inside the house all together.

Saturday night movie night with GiffGaff

So Saturday night has fast become a family film night. A bowl of popcorn each and a few sweets and we all snuggle down to watch with each other. It's wonderful to be able to spend time together and there's  small part of me hoping that lockdown with continue for quite a while so that we get to keep on with this tradition. In fact, we've decided to watch all of the Star Wars movies, so we could do with a few more weeks to get them all in.

Family film night

We received a box of goodies from GiffGaff recently which was full of recycled or sustainable products to help us enjoy these nights in together. One of the items is a make-your-own projector, which we haven't tried yet, but can't wait to see if it works. We'll probably have to set it up in one of the B&B rooms as none of the walls in our side of the house will work with a projector.

Film night cuddles

Without a shadow of doubt lockdown has been one of the hardest things on my business, so I am really trying to see positives where I can, and this is definitely one of them. I hope that when we re-open we make sure to spend some time together at least one evening a week.

Disclosure: We received a box of goodies from GiffGaff for the purpose of this post.