#ad Gaining confidence in maths and a free lesson for you

Trying to teach my daughter maths during lockdown has been a complete nightmare. She has decided that she is stupid and can't do maths, so refuses to even contemplate doing lessons at all. Not only that, she then likes to cause chaos around the house whilst my son is doing his lessons. I thought that perhaps a tutoring session would give her the confidence that she needs to then be able to do lessons with us.

toota is a new service offering online one-to-one maths tuition with fully qualified teachers. Part of the UK’s largest education staffing business, Supporting Education Group, toota gives you access to some of the best maths teachers in the UK.

toota booking

The booking process was simple. Once you have chosen a time and paid for the session, you wait for toota to match you with a fully qualified teacher. Then you are sent an email to confirm the lesson, and a further email before the session. We logged in around five minutes early to our lesson so that my daughter could get used to the interface. It is an audio lesson, with a visual notebook that both the tutor and my daughter could communicate on. You don't need to download any software, which is a huge added bonus.

We had a few glitches early on due to a powercut at the tutor's end, so the lesson started 20 minutes late. Obviously this was not anything we could have accounted for and actually the tutor gave us an extra five minutes at the end of the session to compensate for this. I was incredibly impressed with the lesson as a whole. The tutor understood my daughter's ability and pushed her within that. By the end she was doing long multiplication in the hundreds of thousands! She wouldn't have even considered that with me teaching her.

toota tuition lesson

Each session is recorded and then saved so that you can have access to and play it back at any time. We haven't yet been able to access our lesson, but the technical team are working hard to get it sorted for us. and accessible with their own dedicated account. With every lesson they have, they’re building their own bespoke revision library, which they can access and playback at any time.

toota lesson

In spite of the technical glitches, we would definitely use toota again. My daughter's confidence really has grown just from that one lesson and it has helped her hugely. You can also sign up for a free taster lesson with toota. To access a free 40 minute one-to-one maths tuition session for your child, simply follow this link. The unique discount code, which you can use to claim you free 40 minute taster session is: HELPFULMUM

Disclosure: I received a free lesson and payment for the purpose of this post. All opinion is my own and is honest and fair.