May Month in a Minute 2020

Well, what can I say, May was quite a month. It saw me reaching a huge low and asking for help from my GP.  May was the month that I went back onto antidepressants for the first time in over 20 years. It wasn't fun to realise that actually I was really in need of some help, but I already feel lighter for reaching out the the GP. I am so grateful for all the support I have received throughout the month and I am starting to find my way again. Homeschool has got into a bit more of a routine which makes me feel more comfortable. I am someone who needs structure and routine and I don't cope so well with not knowing what's happening each day. It's been really nice to spend time in the house with the children too. Usually at this time of the year the B&B is totally full and I have very little time to spend with my family. This is a wonderful change for all of us and a big positive to come from lockdown.

It's also been a ridiculously dry month with very little rain in the Yorkshire Dales at all. I am having to water the vegetable garden every night at the moment and it takes around 40 minutes. The field outside our house is also not doing so well. Usually the wildflower meadow is twice as high. It what the farmers use to feed their animals through the winter, so it could really do with growing sometime soon. Fingers crossed we get some rain in June!

May month in a minute

My son is back to school in a couple of weeks and I am hoping that things might get back to being a little easier then. Certainly I hope it'll be simpler to teach one child at home rather than two!

I share these videos over on Instagram with the hashtag #miam and #monthinaminute I'll also still be posting on my blog, just without the linky. If you tag me, I shall still add your videos to my playlist on YouTube. I love seeing these round-ups!