The real cost of your period! WUKA Periodwear review #AD Gift

How many sanitary towels and tampons do you think that you have used during your lifetime so far? An average estimate is around 11,000 sanitary towels and/or tampons. That's huge
Perhaps it's time to think about the environmental impact that our periods can have? Most sanitary towels contain polyethylene plastic in the sticky part of the pad, and this is an environmentally harmful pollutant. Most tampons on the other hand contain chemicals such as dioxin, chlorine and rayon. These chemicals are released into the earth when the products go to landfill and are released into the air and ground as pollution. While the products sit in landfills, these chemicals get soaked up by the earth and are released as pollution into groundwater and air. Period underwear is an option which means you no longer have to use either sanitary pads or tampons. Each item of WUKA periodwear replaces 100 tampons and pads going to landfill. It also means that the average cost of your period is significantly cheaper when you use period pants.  

WUKA Periodwear

WUKA, which stands for Wake.Up.Kick.Ass are period pants which you can wear without the need for sanitary towels, tampons or even a menstrual cup. So how do they work? Do you need to wear a few pairs a day? There are so many questions. Have a quick watch of this video that WUKA themselves made to show you the science behind it.

They work. It's amazing. The period pants are made from organic cotton. They're soft and feel just like an ever-so-slightly bulkier version of normal underwear. The underwear is free from PFAs, unlike many other period underwear brands. The range is also vegan, meaning that no animal products have been used in making them. 

I was sent the medium flow, which can hold up to 15ml of period flow, that's 2-3 tampons. I found these were perfect for days four and five on my period, when it wasn't so heavy, but still needed decent protection. On these days I was comfortably able to wear them for up to eight hours a day and could sleep in them at night when my flow wasn't too heavy. There is no smell at all, and you don't feel damp during the day. The pants don't stick to you like sanitary pads can and it's an infinitely more comfortable process wearing the pants than any other period products I have used. The sizing is accurate too. I was really impressed with how well they fitted.

The main positive for me is that you can continue to do sport without worrying about any kind of chafing or rubbing from sanitary towels, or leaking from a tampon. I can't compare them to a menstrual cup because although I have a couple, I never managed to get them to sit comfortably for me. These have never leaked, no matter whether I am doing yoga, a cardio workout or simply wriggling in my sleep.

WUKA period pants

So, are there any negatives? Well, the only one I have found so far is that the washing instructions washed off after the first wash. I washed one pair at 30 degrees and the other pair at 40 degrees. It's not a big problem as I know that I can wash them up to 40 degrees. You do need to remember never to wash them with fabric softener though as that can make them less absorbent. Switching to an eco-friendly menstrual product means you won’t contribute to overflowing the landfills with period products. It gives you peace of mind, but fundamentally it's just so simple. It's as if you are just wearing your normal underwear and you don't even notice that you're on your period. Also, they're not just for use on your period. They can be used for bladder leaks as well if that's something that you experience.

There is an initial expensive in period pants, obviously you need to invest in the underwear to use throughout your period. However, this cost will average  out as you then won't need to spend anything for the next two years (the average lifespan of the WUKA heavy pant, although medium and light will last longer). WUKA period pants are now available in Sainsbury's in over 200 stores across the UK, from Ocado online and direct from WUKA themselves. 

Disclosure: I was sent two pairs of WUKA medium flow period wear for the purpose of this review. All opinion is my own.