12 Sustainable changes to make in your home

We all need a little help with changing up our spending habits and purchasing items which are better for the environment, more sustainable, biodegradable, not plastic. These are twelve small changes you can make which will collectively will have a positive impact on our planet.

Swapping a spray or roll on deodorant is relatively simple and has a big impact. You can also look at ethical products, or items which are kinder to your skin. Brands that I have tried are Wild, Salt of the Earth and Pitrok. My personal favourite is Salt of the Earth, and it's a brand I use every day now. The only downside I have found to a more natural deodorant is that it doesn't stop you sweating, which means that in the summer you clothes could get a little stained. However, I find that the Salt of The Earth works very well and I don't find myself needing to apply more than once a day.

Give up wipes
I used make-up remover wipes for years because they were convenient and simple, but they weren't good for the planet, and in fact, my skin has improved so much since I swapped to washing my face with a cleanser and patting dry with a flannel. There are very few occasions when that is not as simple as using a face wipe! In fact, I would 100% argue it's actually far easier.
Period underwear
I have been wearing period underwear for three years now and I intend on never going back to any alternative. I haven't ever experienced any leaks (unlike with sanitary towels) and they're so comfortable that I often forget I am on my period. I use two different brands, Modibodi and WUKA, both are similarly priced. I will definitely be buying some for my daughter as well when the time comes because they are so convenient. I remember feeling so shameful when my period started and I tried to hide it. This would have made life a lot simpler when I was 11!

Reusable cotton pads
I also used to use a different cotton ball each night to take my eye make-up off. Again, there was no need for this, so I purchased these reusable cotton pads from Amazon. They are fantastic, and do the job I want them to. I wash them with my usual wash when they need it and don't worry about them otherwise. I have a set very similar to this one from Amazon. If you still want to use wipes, then how about these ones from The Cheeky Panda? They're biodegradable, so at least you know they are making some difference.

Reusable Straws
We have two different types in our house, metal and silicone. Both children still use straws every day (apparently drinks taste better through them), so it was important to make this change and get rid of any plastic straws. I find that paper straws are a good alternative, but they do always go soggy after a while, so it's nice to have these ones instead. The silicone straws also feel nicer when you drink through them than the metal ones. Both can go in the dishwasher, which is a huge bonus.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Shampoo bars
Rather than a plastic bottle filled with your shampoo, have you thought about using a shampoo bar? I use these ones, from LUSH and have a tin to store it in so that it doesn't go all mushy in the shower. Initially I was a little sceptical about this, but have found them to be a vital part of my routine and they're very compact for travel too. They last for such a long time. 

Biodegradable dog poo bags
Obviously you need a dog for this! When we first got a dog, I bought what I thought were 'good' poo bags. They said they were environmentally friendly, but when I looked into it, they didn't easily decompose, which I wasn't comfortable with. I found these, which biodegrade and are far better for the environment and now these are the ones we use.

Milk bottles
Around a year ago we started getting milk from our local milk deliverer. We know which farm the milk comes from and can see the cows out in the fields. I know we're lucky in this sense, but getting your milk in reusable glass bottles is so much better for the environment. We are using so much less plastic now that we do not buy milk. Running the B&B means that we get through an awful lot of milk in a week, and this makes me feel so much better about the lack of waste.

Photo by Elizabeth Dunne on Unsplash

Bamboo toothbrushes
These have changed so much over the past few years, and are far better than they used to be. They are also far more affordable than previously. With a bamboo toothbrush, at least you know that your toothbrush isn't going to take hundreds of years to break down in landfill. It's a great option.

Reusable coffee cup/takeaway
This is a no-brainer to me, as you often get a discount when you purchase a tea/coffee from a coffee shop with your own cup. I have a couple of different flasks for drinks depending on if it's summer or winter.  This on is actually made from recycled coffee cups!
Reusable Water bottle
Again, I would highly recommend having a reusable water bottle which you can wash and clean at home. Most shops or towns have refills for water if you require them. My main tip would be not to buy more than you need, because then you are adding to plastic waste. Having said that, you could always buy a glass one, if you think you can manage not to smash it!

Biodegradable Dental Floss
I have found this to be a really difficult one. The first few brands that I tried were not great, got stuck between my teeth and were just more hassle than they should have been. I really didn't want to be using dental floss which didn't degrade. The most recent one I am really enjoying using is this silk dental floss with a mint flavour.

I also have this YouTube video which you might find helpful as it shows many of the products that I have mentioned in this post. 

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