September month in a minute

I am not sure where September disappeared to. It's been a blur of a month. We managed a couple of days away together, which was really nice to chill out. It also meant we could introduce Lewis to the beach, which he absolutely loved. I think we wore him out with some long walks on coastal paths near Saltburn. It's one of our favourite places to visit in the UK. Then it was back to school (finally). My son started secondary school, which was a big deal for me, but he was totally ready for it!

Saltburn coastal walk

The B&B has been really busy and I am getting to grips with all the different rules and regulations surrounding COVID. It's certainly not easy, and I am looking forward to things getting quieter for winter.

As you know, I'm not uploading to YouTube any more, but these videos are still on my Instagram account. I hope you enjoy it!