January 2021 Month in a Minute

Well January, what a month you were. All the anticipation of the end of the Christmas holidays, looking forward to the children heading back to school and having some time alone again only to enter a third lockdown. I have spent a fair amount of this month wondering how long it will be before I get some time alone again!

Yorkshire Dales sunset in snow

We have knuckled down and got on with homeschool though. It's infinitely easier now that my son is at secondary school as all of his lessons are online. It leaves me homeschooling my daughter, which is definitely simpler than with both children needing me. My own work has taken a backseat though, which I find hard, but I will be ok. I took the huge decision to come off my antidepressants in January. I did wonder if coming off them during lockdown was my best ever plan, but so far it has been good. I hope it will reduce headaches that I have been getting. Here's hoping! I am enjoying the lighter evenings already and seeing the snowdrops peek through the ground. Spring is on the way!

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