Behind the Beats #AD #behindthebeats

Stories behind the origins of music.

Behind the Beats is a new YouTube Originals show which is aimed at children and families. It's for music lovers, and those who want to know more about how different forms of music were founded. The whole series is a great way to introduce young kids to incredible music. It's also an amazing way to start help children find a passion for music. Each episode of Behind the Beats takes you on a journey through music history. You will be told the stories of how musical genres came to life and the legends that paved the way.  

Behind The Beats

From HipHop to Techno, every music genre has it's own story to tell, and that's where this new series comes in. It answers all the question you want to know, and the ones you didn't know you needed the answers to as well! The series features an exclusive reworking of the iconic "We Are Family" performed by Nile Rodgers & Shelea featuring Snoop Dogg in collaboration with Yeti Beats for the series theme song. You can watch the official trailer below.

It's a fantastic concept, and each episode teaches you so much about the genre's origins. I had a chance to watch the first episode, which streams tonight at 5pm, and I really enjoyed it. My children were really interested too, and it's hard to find something which they both enjoy now that they are both secondary school age.


The series launches today produced by France’s TeamTO and 22D Music Group in partnership with France Télévisions, the French public broadcaster. Episodes 1-4 of the novel history of pop will also debut on the YouTube Kids app. Go check it out, and be prepared to learn something about thow all music is related!

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