What has made me happy

I started this up in the hope that we can all look for some good things in our lives. Even if it means actively seeking them out.

I am an eternal optimist, I honestly try and find good in every situation. So I came up with the idea of a What has made me happy link up. I will post once a week about things which have made me happy, made me warm inside or made me smile.

It is so easy to see bad things in the world, graffiti, dog poo, broken glass, rude people. Sometimes happiness is hard to find. It can seem like there really is nothing good or right in the world. I have suffered from depression and I know how tough life can seem. But how about you stop for a moment and try and find something good. Even if you're having an awful week. A really awful week even. There must be something. One little thing. A smile, a flower, children laughing, a song on the radio, you get the idea.

So, this is to encourage you to think about what has made you happy. Either weekly, daily, monthly, whenever you want to link up and join in. I post every Tuesday (with occasional omissions). If you could do me the honour of using the badge below and linking up via my linky on my latest post then I would really appreciate it. I want people to actively seek out the beautiful and good things in our world. There really is so much out there that can make you smile.

Click here for my latest What has made me happy post.

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